Monday, October 19, 2009

Nagoya News ①

Hi~ Nice to meet you! Welcome to my Nagoya News!!

This time, I'm going to talk about "Big Jumpper".It's an incident about a funny little Monkey's story which escaped from a cage in zoo.

On October 13th, the Japanese monkey escaped from her cage to outside of zoo!! She jumped over 4 meters!!! Her tall is just about 50 centimeters. Can you believe that?!? The monkey which is just 50 centimeters
jumped over 4 meters!! I think that it's the world record of Jumpper for Monkey world!!

The curator said that "I couldn't expect that. Sorry to suprise every visiters." She was
running away to a forest, but finally she was caught five days later..

It's actually doing like this incident for the frist time in there. This zoo has a really long history which is about 100 years!! However any incident had ever happened until this Monkey's Jumpper.So then, it became a big news in Nagoya.

After I knew this news, I got some feeling. I thought that this monkey just wanted to free like a bird. When we think about the monkey's feeling, that becomes a serious problem. Because people just want to see many animals for entertainment, and then they are caught by people.

Next time, I'll write about Cristmas in Nagoya. Please looking forward to seeing it on my blog!


  1. There are days when we all feel like this little monkey.....

  2. That's really amazing to me that such a small monkey leaped up no more than 4 meters high. Human beings never know how amazing animals are, huh?

  3. Your report is very interesting!:))
    I've never visited the Higashiyama Animal park, so I'd like to see monkeys when I visit there.

  4. I heard the same news on the TV and the cage is being reconstructed. Animals always exceed our expectaion.

  5. its good to consider animal rights.
    As animals dont express their feeling as well as humen, we dont know if they are happy in zoo or not.
    as for monkey, monkeys are usually good friends with humen so im quite interested in it.