Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nagoya News ②

Hi! This is my second Nagoya News!
This time, I’m going to talk about Christmas in Nagoya. There’re many Christmas illuminations which are attracted by lots of lights and romantic atmosphere. According to the Chunichi Web, an announcer asked 1000 people who live in Nagoya about “Where do you want you to go to watch an illumination?” Now I’m going to introduce to you about the ranking of illumination!!!

As a result, the second most popular illumination was “Nagoya South Port”. There’s quite a big tree which tall is over 15 meters very near the sea!

The best popular one was “Illumination of Nagoya Station”. It is the hugest illumination and it seems a really romantic and extremely fantastic place. There are a tunnel of light, a clock tower and a shopping mall. Almost everyone said “It’s the best place to see the illumination”.

You will spend a good time with your partner, family and friends in there! If you are interested in these places, you absolutely will enjoy your time.


  1. I'm lucky to know that information. I will have to visit there with my girlfriend. haha

  2. Thank you for your infomation about romantic location:)) Why don't you visit there with your pretty girl friend?

  3. i look forward to seeing the illumination at Nagoya station every year. defferent design dont make us bored.

  4. The illumination seems to be fantastic. It's nice place to go for christmas. before that I have to find someone to go with.

  5. I'm still fascinated by Japanese Christmas. Why do people celebrate a holiday when they don't belong to the religion it honours or understand its meaning?