Saturday, January 2, 2010

One of Educational Problems in Japan

Hi! This is my fifth blog!

I’m going to talk about one of Japan’s educational problems. It is called “elementary school first grade students problem”. According to the Chunichi web, many students cannot sit and compose themselves during class. They usually walk and shout. They completely disturb the class.

The cause of this problem is when they enter elementary school, they have never taken long classes like elementary school. They cannot be accustomed to new surroundings. It’s a serious problem for a Japanese education system in the future. Therefore the teachers make some activities which kindergarten students can visit an elementary school to solve that problem.

In my opinion, I don’t think that these activities can solve this education problem. According to the Chunichi website, the populations of teachers who cannot scold are increasing nowadays. In addition, the Chunichi website said the population of the parents who is indulgent toward their children is increasing too.


  1. I read this article with interest.
    I also would like to mention about monster parents. Teachers sometimes hagitate to getting angry because monster parents may upset. What do you think of monster parents?

  2. I have noticed the problem of timid teachers when I see new teachers or student teachers. It can be very difficult for young teachers or trainee teachers not to think of themselves as students and to think of themselves as authority figures. But students are much more comfortable with teachers who are friendly, but who assert themselves as the authority in the classroom.

  3. This is a very difficult problem to solve. Teachers cannot spank or give any panishments to Children. Parents have to teach them patience.

  4. Teachers have to figure out the problem, and I think there are some good ways that children attend to a teacher:)

  5. There are always problems on education. Therefore, teachers should be generous toward any problems like the problem you mentioned.