Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Santa Claus is coming!!

Hi! This is my fourth blog.

This time I’m going to talk about Santa Claus. Santa Claus came to Nagoya form Finland on November 29th. Finland is his motherland.

The purpose of this event, Japanese company of airport would like to increase the number of passengers who are from Finland. This event has been held for the past four years. In addition, he will be visiting the nursing institutions and meet the physically challenged people.

Santa Claus holds a photography event with just 20 pairs per day. When he is on stage, most of children seem to be really curious about his mustache and costume more than the photography event.

In my opinion, Japanese really love Christmas day. Even we don’t belong to particular religions, we want to spend a nice time at this day. We don’t usually think about a religion when we celebrate any special day. It’s thought that every event is just for relaxation and having a break.


  1. Because Nagoya is such a big city, nice guests like Santa Claus come to your city! There is no special guest in my town...

  2. Most of children are looking forward to coming the Christmas Day! The photos will be a nice memory for children:))

  3. It's true that Japanese don't care about the God. We just want a excuse to spend a time with people we love. In addition, I don't think people from Finland use the air port because of this event.

  4. I remember when I learned about Santa Claus not existing. It was such a shock to learn how my parents and teachers had been deceiving me. Iʻm glad I never introduced this into my family when I had kids.

    But maybe people in Japan will be nice to me if they think all good things in life come from an old white man with a beard?

  5. the event sounds fun! Lots of children must have enjoyed meeting Santa!